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OPPO K5 – Full Specifications & Features

ok five then you midrange flying from OPPO K5 – Full Specifications & Features
is looking really good and so were the ok if i really solid foreign little brother to the green space which was released at the same time include turn off specs in this find starts off with a snapdragon seven thirteen jay this is the upgraded to the snapdragon seven thirty it’s no holds the clubs version can i get slightly better perform it’s a quality chipset not just with the CPA but also the GPU and it’s very good.

OPPO K5 Full Specifications & Features 2019

When coming to image processing as well i have a quote camera set up in this one i sixty four mega pixels nine cents or maybe some of you will be possibly comparing this to the redmi note eight price of a really find spanish is going OPPO K5 to be very similar to those but the difference is the price it’s a very classic design all day on this one maybe the option log in to the right hand side but i really like this green color like put on the phone usb-c headphone jack and get them on ice week at the bottom to the right hand side u get the power button and the 64 megapixel camera doesn’t stick out too much from the back.

Which is a good thing funny roku is on the left hand side with the try to let screen on this one is six and a half and cheese and it is a definite upgrade over the previous midrange fines from when i first picked up the phone actually no no refund because the screen had this very moment looking remind me a little bit of samsung electronics media for social media i’m looking at five houses on this panel is a pretty good experience get on to the camera a little bit more and a second data but not sure the top has been made smaller than previous versions even is an option to pop up im gonna slit my phone is not really is so small it’s almost.

OPPO K5 More info

The relevant a small bass of the bottoms but nothing outta the ordinary i would say its slightly smaller probably better than i type rope is a slightly cheaper find another great feature of this fire an estate give you thirty fast charging on the four thousand mini amp battery but is in very very so it’s back and really is in line with data flagship fans but this one is coming in at about eighteen hey that’s the chinese price and full respect to getting this it’s a really good price you got that right display with a small notch the four thousand battery thirty want.

The fast charging sixty four megapixel camera move on to that camera and now this is a very similar setup to be staying at the red knight pride get that make pizza out wide and you have a dedicated macro camera and a sense that you say you can take a portrait it’s from one to five times automatically on the little buttons in the middle of their me outright mode is on a button up the top a good thing about this find that we didn’t get no profile.

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